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Hot Set List Announced for Hot Times!

September 7th, 2010 No comments

After much deliberation and chest-thumping, we’ve decided on an official set list for this Saturday’s show at the Hot Times Festival! This show marks a minor, unforeseen watershed for us, as we now have enough original tunes that we almost can’t play them all in a 45-minute festival format. We were worried one might have to be cut in the interest of time, but a late-night session around the fire yielded this break-neck set that elicited hearty grunts and approving clicks from us all.

And, for the first time anywhere, we’ll be playing our newest song, Sleepover at Camp Tsavo – a two-minute sprint that’ll hunt you down faster than the maneless lions that ate Val Kilmer’s career!

3:00 p.m. at the Hot Times Festival this Saturday, Sep. 11th. Hope to see you there!

Hot Times Festival – September 11, 2010
1. Rumble
2. Bahari Kali
3. Tough Crowd in Hartlepool
4. Surf’s Up at the Cape of Good Hope
5. To Zaire is Human
6. Walk Don’t Run
7. Sleepover at Camp Tsavo
8. Butch Cassowary & the Sundance Echidna
9. Can’t See the Loris for the Trees
10. Panbanisha Raises the Alarm
11. Apes of Wrath
12. The Ecola Virus

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