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Set List Announced for Holiday Ho-Daddy Benefit Show!

December 29th, 2010 No comments

Just got back from a rip-snortin’ rehearsal where we locked in our set list for this Thursday’s benefit show at Byrne’s Pub. At a full twenty songs, it’s easily the biggest set we’ve put together, and it’s a non-stop thrill ride from break to beach!

Every cover song we know is thrown in there – including some new additions – and we’re also bringing every last original song that’s ready for public consumption out to play. The result is that you’re never more than five minutes away from something you recognize and something you’ve never heard before, which is a pretty cool place to be!

So get set to get wet, and come out to help us raise money for the Mid-Ohio Foodbank this Thursday at 8:00 pm!

2nd Annual Holiday Ho-Daddy – December 30, 2010
1. Rumble
2. Surf’s Up at the Cape of Good Hope
3. Tough Crowd in Hartlepool
4. Planet Collision
5. Joker’s Wild
6. Big Swell
7. Butch Cassowary and the Sundance Echidna
8. Pipeline
9. Sadie Hawkins Atom Bomb
10. To Zaire is Human
11. The Ecola Virus
12. You Can’t Get Good Riblets in Space
13. Wipeout
14. Invasion of the Dragonmen
15. Bahari Kali
16. Can’t See the Loris for the Trees
17. Walk Don’t Run
18. Sleepover at Camp Tsavo
19. Apes of Wrath
20. Panbanisha Raises the Alarm

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Holiday Ho-Daddy – The Poster!

December 23rd, 2010 No comments

Wanted to share our poster for this year’s 2nd Annual Holiday Ho-Daddy benefit show… good times for a good cause at Byrne’s Pub on the 30th, so we hope to see you there!
2010 Holiday Ho-Daddy Poster

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2nd Annual Holiday Ho-Daddy Announced!!

December 15th, 2010 No comments

It’s that time of year again, when we trek across the frozen plains in search of a warm stage, a good time and a chance to raise some money for the Mid-Ohio Foodbank!

It’s the Second Annual Holiday Ho-Daddy Benefit Concert, and it’s just two short weeks away!

The Mid-Ohio Foodbank has been helping feed hungry Ohioans for 30 years, and through their network of partner organizations help provide more than 50,000 meals every day across Ohio. Those meals make a huge difference in the lives of needy Ohio families, and we consider it a privilege to invite everyone out to help raise money for an organization that’s working to end hunger in our community.

We’re also proud to announce that this year’s show will be held at perennial watering hole Byrne’s Pub in Grandview! Byrne’s have graciously opened their doors to host the show, which means that every last dime will go directly to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank!

When: Thursday, December 30th at 8:00 p.m.
Where: Byrne’s Pub – 1248 West 3rd Ave. – Columbus 43212
Cover: $3.00 donation to the FoodBank

For every dollar the Foodbank receives, they distribute eight dollars worth of groceries. Because of this, we’ll also be accepting additional donations above the door donation, so when the Power of Surf compels you, you’ll be able to donate as much as you want to help the Foodbank end hunger in Ohio.

For our part, we’re working up our biggest set list yet! If we know it, we’re playing it, so we hope you’ll come out to join us on the 30th for an evening of Smithwick’s, Sapiens and Surf!

— The Altruistic Apes of… AUSTRALOSURFECUS!!

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Frozen Surf

After a few months of limiting ourselves to cave dwelling, the Surfeci are preparing to return to the public eye. Plans in the works for another holiday show, akin to last years…. We will let you know when things are finalized. Seeing how we prescribe to no known modern-sapien religion, we imbibe in the festivities of all of them, giving us plenty to do this winter. However, we have been crafting new tunes to bring to Ohio and it’s frozen shores.

We want to thank those of you who attended the Hot Times Festival. It was during a big football game here in Columbus and we thank those who braved being away from the TV for a few hours. The show went off to perfection and the debut of Sleepover at Camp Tsavo was fantastic…..

We will have show details soon.

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