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Ho-Daddy wrap-up and beyond… A productive spring!

Hello fellow simians,
First, we want to thank all of you who came out to the 2nd annual holiday ho-daddy at Byrne’s Pub. The reception was great and once again we raised hundreds of dollars for the Mid-Ohio Foodbank at a time when the need is great! For those of you who missed it, we had a full hour and a half of songs and witty banter. The show included an extended drum solo between the Drumbuie and Low Frequency Echo-Communicator that had the audience dancing and pining for the primordial days of yore! Th Six String Sapien gnashed his teeth on several tunes and had solos that left you wondering how Neanderthals and early modern humans lost the gift given to them by Australosurfecus… Only recently has some of that glory been re-discovered, and a good portion of it due to the re-emergence of the Six String Sapien himself!

After the show the members of the band retreated to the cave for much needed rest and to begin the very secretive and primitive ritual of creating new songs for the modern public to consume. Several new tunes are either completed or in the works for the next time the band ventures from the cave. The idea of recording a mini-demo is also in the works, as the old recordings of the group were made with Tertiary Era technology and lack a little gusto. All three of the band members are eager to take advantage of Quaternary methods, which will enhance the primitive sonic experience for everyone. Shows are in the works, new tunes are in the works… the future looks bright for the Surfeci and there seems to be no signs of a second mass extinction!

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