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Live at the CVG auto show!!

Hello fellow simians… the wait has paid off. I know you have been wondering, ‘Was there another mass extinction?’. Have no fear, we have not rejoined the carbon dating scene. We Surfecines are a hardy species, hell we have survived an ice age and more!! In fact we have a show coming up in October. It is an auto show that is a benefit for the C.F. Foundation and the Flying Horse Farms. These are two great organizations and we are excited to be a part of the festivities.

October 8 2011 at 11:00am
CVG autoshow in New Albany

check out the website for details about the event
We will be playing for an hour, so bring the family and friends and enjoy the surf! We have a few new songs ready to go, so come and be among the first Homo Sapiens to hear them!

In surf related news:
One of our inspirations (or if you think about it, we inspired them as the first species to play surf and were in turn re-inspired when we were dug up… don’t think about it too much!)
Man or Astroman? is making a return to Ohio. They will be playing the mid point music festival  September 24th. You have to see them!!

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