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Holiday Ho-Daddy a success

We want to thank everyonew who made it out to the 3rd Annual Holiday Ho-Daddy! It was a huge success and we raised 500 dollars for the Mid-Ohio Foodbank (thanks to a huge donation from Pat Byrne!) The foodbank can convert every dollar to 8 dollars of food, so we are thrilled! The show was our longest to date, as we had two new tunes we unvieled for everyone… They were Pangaea (the break-up mix) and The Final Piltdown. We are feeling more comfortable amongst homosapiens, making our playlist expand as we remember our old tribal songs and feel inspired to write new ones as well. Drumbuie was on point and even made his first vocalizations on stage in years (first time since the PlioceneEra really!) It was a night to behold. We are looking forward to our next performance and we will keep you updated on when that is!

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