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Report from The Cave!

April 19th, 2013

After a too-long hiatus, the Surfeci descended on The Cave tonight for a reverberated reunion!

Once the customary grunts and clicks were delivered in greeting, we ran through several songs just to knock the rust off – always an interesting proposition after a long break! – and then got down to the business of writing new tunage.

First up was a dive back into a riff of LFEC’s that we started to get a bit of traction on in the run-up to the Ho-Daddy show.  True to form for the Kilbass, it’s nine measures long, which makes it tough when Six-string only thinks in multiples of four!  It’s groovy like glaciated sediment, though, and SSS took four measures that complemented it and began morphing them into nine that would work even better.

Toying with tempo uncovered a very spy-music vibe, and as Drumbuie started hashing out his preference for associated noise it started to gel into a type of song that we don’t currently have in our catalog.

The really exciting news, though, is that after five years on the shelf, one of our favorite song titles now has an actual song to go with it…

That’s right, folks… we finally wrote “Marmoset Knock You Out!

It is flat-out surf stadium rockin’, no doubt, as if an arena rock intro got smacked by a tsunami and then struck by lightning.  It came together very quickly and by the end of the night we even made a run at playing the entire thing, front to back.  If we ever play a show of nothing but original material that doesn’t start with Rumble, this is guaranteed the opening number.

So just for S&G’s, here are the Top 5 Reasons Why “Marmoset Knock You Out!” is rockin’ tarsiers from here to Sulawesi…

  1. It’s so rockin’, it makes igneous look sedimentary!
  2. It’s so rockin’, we can’t even tell you how long it is because it’s measured in geologic time!
  3. It’s so rockin’, Panbanisha herself called from that Great Ape Trust in the Sky to give it four opposable thumbs up!
  4. It actually went back in time and declared itself the first song we ever wrote.
  5. And finally… It’s so rockin’ that Obama’s already given us a Green Energy tax credit because it’s powered totally by windmills!

All in all a great night in The Cave, and we’re looking to get a gig or two on the calendar soon to shake some walls that aren’t part of a residential dwelling!

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