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A Find of Mammoth Proportions!

May 31st, 2013

It appears a group of Russian scientists have discovered a well-preserved mammoth with still-liquid blood inside it!


While we’ve been able to reconstitute part of the mammoth DNA sequence using hair, this puts us one big elephantine step closer to being able to clone these wooly bastards, miniaturize them and start selling them in chain-store pet boutiques or mall kiosks.

One of the best quotes is from Seymon Grigoryev, head of the Mammoth Museum…

“The fragments of muscle tissues, which we’ve found out of the body, have a natural red color of fresh meat,” Grigoryev said.

Clearly this man knows a good burger when he sees it, and we can only hope that, once the bacterial tests come back okay, Seymon will throw a few tusks on the barbie.

And although the prospect of cloning an extinct mammal is pretty incredible, we’re most excited about the fact that by discovering mammoth blood –┬álong thought to be the secret ingredient in Faygo’s Rock ‘n Rye soda – will result in a wider distribution range for this most elusive of beverages.

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