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Official Setlist for the 2013 Ho-Daddy!

December 19th, 2013 No comments

For everyone keeping score at home, here’s the sonic rundown for tonight’s 5th Annual Benefit Show at Byrne’s Pub

2013 Holiday Ho-Daddy

The Good, the Bad, and the Rumble
Marmoset Knock You Out
Can’t see the Loris Through the Trees
Joker’s Wild
To Zaire is Human
Sadie Hawkins Atom Bomb
Bahari Kali
The Final Piltdown
The Ecola Virus
Tough Crowd in Hartlepool
Phylum: Powerchordata
Planet Collision
Wipeout (w/ Special Guest)
Surf’s Up at the Cape of Good Hope
Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Butch Cassowary & the Sundance Echidna
Walk Don’t Run
Pangaea (The Break-up Mix)
Arachis hypogaea
You Can’t Get Good Riblets at Passover
Invasion of the Dragonmen
Panbanisha Raises the Alarm
Sleepover at Camp Tsavo
Apes of Wrath

Doors open at 7:00pm, music starts at 9:00pm and every dollar goes to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank.

Hope to surf you there!!

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2013 Ho-Daddy Announced!!

December 5th, 2013 No comments

That’s right… the 2013 Holiday Ho-Daddy Benefit Show is coming up in a few short weeks!

When:  Thursday, December 19th at 9:00 p.m.
Where:  Byrne’s Pub in Grandview (1248 West 3rd Avenue – 43212)
Admission:  $5.00 donation to the Foodbank

This is our 5th year doing the Ho-Daddy, and as always every dollar of the proceeds goes directly to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank.

Thanks to all of you, each year has been a bigger success than the previous one, so we hope you’ll come out to help us make this the best year yet for hungry Ohio families!

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Report from The Cave!

April 19th, 2013 No comments

After a too-long hiatus, the Surfeci descended on The Cave tonight for a reverberated reunion!

Once the customary grunts and clicks were delivered in greeting, we ran through several songs just to knock the rust off – always an interesting proposition after a long break! – and then got down to the business of writing new tunage.

First up was a dive back into a riff of LFEC’s that we started to get a bit of traction on in the run-up to the Ho-Daddy show.  True to form for the Kilbass, it’s nine measures long, which makes it tough when Six-string only thinks in multiples of four!  It’s groovy like glaciated sediment, though, and SSS took four measures that complemented it and began morphing them into nine that would work even better.

Toying with tempo uncovered a very spy-music vibe, and as Drumbuie started hashing out his preference for associated noise it started to gel into a type of song that we don’t currently have in our catalog.

The really exciting news, though, is that after five years on the shelf, one of our favorite song titles now has an actual song to go with it…

That’s right, folks… we finally wrote “Marmoset Knock You Out!

It is flat-out surf stadium rockin’, no doubt, as if an arena rock intro got smacked by a tsunami and then struck by lightning.  It came together very quickly and by the end of the night we even made a run at playing the entire thing, front to back.  If we ever play a show of nothing but original material that doesn’t start with Rumble, this is guaranteed the opening number.

So just for S&G’s, here are the Top 5 Reasons Why “Marmoset Knock You Out!” is rockin’ tarsiers from here to Sulawesi…

  1. It’s so rockin’, it makes igneous look sedimentary!
  2. It’s so rockin’, we can’t even tell you how long it is because it’s measured in geologic time!
  3. It’s so rockin’, Panbanisha herself called from that Great Ape Trust in the Sky to give it four opposable thumbs up!
  4. It actually went back in time and declared itself the first song we ever wrote.
  5. And finally… It’s so rockin’ that Obama’s already given us a Green Energy tax credit because it’s powered totally by windmills!

All in all a great night in The Cave, and we’re looking to get a gig or two on the calendar soon to shake some walls that aren’t part of a residential dwelling!

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Take Cover!!

December 15th, 2012 No comments

At long last, we’re proud to give everyone a sneak peak at the artwork for our first album, And Now the Use of Tools…

If all goes as planned, the 6-song EP will be in hand and ready to go at next week’s Holiday Ho-Daddy at Byrne’s – just in time to stuff the surf out of every stocking in town!!

Final Cover Artwork for "And Now the Use of Tools..."


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November 8th, 2012 No comments

Mark your calendars, folks, because it’s official… The 2012 Holiday Ho-Daddy Benefit Show is set for Thursday, December 20th at Byrne’s Pub!

This will be our 4th annual show to raise money for the Mid-Ohio FoodBank, which helps provide more than 100,000 meals to hungry Ohioans every day.

Stay tuned for times and details, and get ready to surf it up for a great cause!

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It Came From the Garage!

October 18th, 2012 No comments

We decided to switch things up a bit before our studio session next week and moved tonight’s noise session out of The Cave and into… The Garage!

Like so many surf bands that came before us (or after, rather!), tonight found us busting out the extension cords and plugging in forty watts of fun into the nearest wall outlet that would have us. After keeping things quiet in The Cave for the past few sessions, it was awesome to hear the songs full bore again – particularly the Drumbuie, who always takes full advantage of open air to really throw some stones.

With the exception of Rumble and Dragonmen, we stuck to the six songs we’re running to tape. An impromptu Gorilla session under their belts earlier this week kept Drumbuie and LFEC especially tight – so much so that by the second song I realized I needed to get on the beat or get left behind! Overall, things sounded great, and with a little extra time in the woodshed over the next week, we should be in pretty good shape when the red light starts to blink.

It was also good to hear the song order play out as well as it did. On paper it made sense, but sometimes a setlist can have audible consequences when two songs butt against each other in unintended ways.

Nothing doing for this list, though, so we’re officially locking in the EP as:

1) The Ecola Virus
2) Panbanisha Raises the Alarm
3) Butch Cassowary and the Sundance Echidna
4) Sleepover at Camp Tsavo
5) Surf’s Up at the Cape of Good Hope
6) The Apes of Wrath

As for the title of this disasterpiece… Well, you’ll just have to wait until we get the artwork done to find that out!

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Studio Sapiens?!?!

October 3rd, 2012 No comments

That’s right… at long last, the Mighty Mammals of Australosurfecus are making a brief migration into a studio environment for your ultimate listening pleasure!

We’ve booked a short session with local mix-meister, Dan Boyd, on October 28th to record our first EP. We’re currently planning to lay down tracks for six songs, and while we’re not 100% locked in on the list, it will definitely include both old and new Surfecus tunes as we try to showcase the broad spectrum of audible ridiculousness we’re capable of.

The timing is also to get the album done and back in time for this year’s Holiday Ho-Daddy Benefit Show, ensuring that you’ll all have something really special to throw in people’s stockings ‘n such this holiday season!

Because nothing says, “I’m somewhat fond of and/or partially obligated to you” quite like six tracks of garage surf madness!

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Dragging Knuckles

August 24th, 2012 No comments

After a long hiatus, the three of us descended into The Cave tonight for a much-needed night of knocking the dust and rust off, bending new wire and stretching new calfskin. These come-back sessions usually start out baboon ugly as we force our hand to play catch-up with the songs we hear in our collective ear, and this one was no different.

This session had additional comedic effect due to our exceptionally low volume. As most of you know, there has been a recent addition to the Surf Bass family, and since this mini-sapien occupies the uppermost catacombs of The Cave we obliged to keep things beneath a dull roar.

For me, this meant plugging into a piece of equipment that has been around since the start of the band – the infamous Kustom KLA-10 practice amp! Let’s just say this – If you’ve never heard rusty, treble-heavy surf guitar through the solid-state glory of a 5″ speak with no reverb, consider yourself fortunate!

As always, surf life begins with Rumble, which we promptly turned into a coffeehouse classic by happily copping to our reduced audible intensity. From there we started working through all our originals, which immediately prompted a string of our best it’s-been-way-too-damn-long idioms, such as:

Who wrote these songs?!
Wait a minute… Isn’t that in A? No?
Wow, I completely missed the on-ramp to that solo.

And my perennial favorite… We only have ourselves to blame!

True to form, though, within a couple songs the rust loosens up, the fingers remember and the songs come back to life. Even our more recent additions to the line-up like Piltdown and Pangea sounded solid – Even a crazy little practice amp from the 80s can’t make that first chord of Pangea sound bad!

After a quick hydro-break we dove back in with some writing. LFEC has had a bass riff lodged in his cerebellum for much too long and was able to lay it out for us. Very cool, with a great vibe, and inkeeping with his hatred of even numbers the main riff covers 9 bars!

It came into the world as a straightforward rockin’ kind of thing. Drumbuie started bumping in and around the bassline and throwing out several different feels, and it’s always a treat to hear what his Congolese mind comes up with.

What really surprised us was a noodly little countermelody my dragging knuckles stumbled into that immediately threw the whole endeavor into a very spy-movie feel. It was one of those great musical moments where something unexpected fits right in and solidifies all the elements on the fringe of a riff that our minds don’t see but our ears can’t help but recognize. Drumbuie’s eyes light up, LFEC starts smiling and we know we’re onto something.

Things really locked in when, on a whim, I threw some crazy fuzz onto the guitar that took the vibe the last 10 yards. I’ve been wanting to write a fuzz song for a while now, and have also wanted to get a nice spy-infused song into our catalog – two birds, one stone much?

To cap off the night, we also discussed moving our madness to a temporary, microphone-laden locality to audibly document things in a permanent, shareable and listenable form and evolving into… Studio Sapiens!

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July 28th, 2012 No comments

Can’t decide what to wear this weekend? Well throw those ol’ animal hides back on the cave floor and step out onto the beach wearing THE OFFICIAL T-SHIRTS OF YOUR FAVORITE PALEO-SURF BAND!

That’s right, you fashionable primates… We’ve joined up with Skreened, a Columbus-based retailer, to offer several of our favorite designs on the color and size of your choice!

Responsibly sourced, primate approved, and it looks like Skreened is offering free shipping on all orders this weekend. We’ll also be loading in more designs as the mood strikes us, and there’s even talk of a limited edition design for this year’s Holiday Ho-Daddy show…

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Holiday Ho-Daddy a success

We want to thank everyonew who made it out to the 3rd Annual Holiday Ho-Daddy! It was a huge success and we raised 500 dollars for the Mid-Ohio Foodbank (thanks to a huge donation from Pat Byrne!) The foodbank can convert every dollar to 8 dollars of food, so we are thrilled! The show was our longest to date, as we had two new tunes we unvieled for everyone… They were Pangaea (the break-up mix) and The Final Piltdown. We are feeling more comfortable amongst homosapiens, making our playlist expand as we remember our old tribal songs and feel inspired to write new ones as well. Drumbuie was on point and even made his first vocalizations on stage in years (first time since the PlioceneEra really!) It was a night to behold. We are looking forward to our next performance and we will keep you updated on when that is!

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