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The Ultimate Surf Guitar?

August 22nd, 2013 No comments

StewMade Guitars - Longboard GuitarA custom guitar builder using the nom de twangue of StewMade Guitars has combined the classic longboard with one of Leo Fender’s finest to create what has to be the ultimate surf guitar!

Too too damn cool.  If I could stand to play a Strat, I’d put something on the block tonight and give Senor StewMade at least two ringy-dingys!

And if this solid specimen of surfanism doesn’t convince you the man knows how to make a plank, you should check out his site for even more proof.


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Take Cover!!

December 15th, 2012 No comments

At long last, we’re proud to give everyone a sneak peak at the artwork for our first album, And Now the Use of Tools…

If all goes as planned, the 6-song EP will be in hand and ready to go at next week’s Holiday Ho-Daddy at Byrne’s – just in time to stuff the surf out of every stocking in town!!

Final Cover Artwork for "And Now the Use of Tools..."


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August 16th, 2012 No comments

Just placed a pre-order for the new 7″ vinyl from Man or Astro-Man, Analog Series Vol. 1, which is due to be released in the next week or two!


First new songs from our favorite future surfers in years, and after seeing the band live last year we couldn’t be more fired up. And it sounds like there are several more 7″ pressings in the works, leading up to a full-length album, which is even better.

Chunklet has them for $7.95 plus shipping, so all you hipster homonids with a turntable in your cave need to get on it. As the Kiswahili say… Haraka haraka, chop chop!

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July 28th, 2012 No comments

Can’t decide what to wear this weekend? Well throw those ol’ animal hides back on the cave floor and step out onto the beach wearing THE OFFICIAL T-SHIRTS OF YOUR FAVORITE PALEO-SURF BAND!

That’s right, you fashionable primates… We’ve joined up with Skreened, a Columbus-based retailer, to offer several of our favorite designs on the color and size of your choice!

Responsibly sourced, primate approved, and it looks like Skreened is offering free shipping on all orders this weekend. We’ll also be loading in more designs as the mood strikes us, and there’s even talk of a limited edition design for this year’s Holiday Ho-Daddy show…

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June 12th, 2012 No comments

While we acknowledge Dick Dale as the father of surf music, today we celebrate the great-great-granddaddy of surf itself – it’s King Kamehameha Day! While he was known for storming the beach at Waikiki in a very different fashion, his unification of Hawaii and defense of its indigenous culture against European influence helped keep Hawaii in a surfing state of mind.

So crawl out from under the Naha stone you’ve been living under, throw on a grass skirt and hula it up!

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RIP George Fullerton

Man, first Bob Bogle, now George Fullerton…

As I’m sure many of you have heard by now, George Fullerton passed away last Saturday of congestive heart failure.  Fullerton was Leo Fender’s right hand, the man who helped launch the Telecaster and Stratocaster into history and who joined up with Leo again in 1980 to create G&L Guitars.

George Fullerton dies at 86; musician helped Leo Fender create his unique guitars (LA Times)

Obviously the entire guitar-playing world owes Mr. Fullerton a debt of gratitude for his work at Fender, taking Leo’s innovations and ideas and devising efficient ways to turn them into tangible, playable instruments, but I think surf guitarists owe him an additional nod;  When the first wave of surf music crashed its way into the early sixties, teenagers across the entire country clamored to get their hands on Fender guitars and start writing the next big instrumental surf hit.  Suffice to say that if Mr. Fullerton hadn’t been the innovator he was, hadn’t helped make Fender guitars both practical, playable and toneful, the classic era of surf music might have sounded very different.

On a personal note, before I became the Gretschified sapien I am, the sound of the Surfecus was pushed along by none other than a G&L Legacy.  For those familiar with the line, mine was one of the Tribute series – guitars made overseas but using USA-made pickups – and I’m still amazed at the quality and tone G&L managed to pack into such an inexpensive guitar.  Any time a discussion comes up about purchasing a first, budget or backup guitar for instrumental surf, the G&L Legacy Tribute is the first recommendo I make.

I think it’s a testament to Mr. Fullerton and his dedication to building better instruments for musicians of all stripes that a full 55 years after the Stratocaster came to life, his designs have not only lived on but have reached a point where musical hopefuls with very little to spend can afford a guitar that will take them wherever their inspiration and fingers lead them.

Here’s to you, Mr. Fullerton.  May you rest in piece knowing that your work has touched nearly every guitarist in the world, and we’re thankful for it.

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RIP Bob Bogle

June 18th, 2009 No comments

Just found out that Bob Bogle, the man who founded the Ventures and creating some of the greatest instrumental hits in American music, died this past Sunday evening.

Bob Bogle, Ventures’ guitarist, dead at age 75 (Seattle Times)

While there’s a minor, recurring debate among the surf community as to whether the Ventures “qualified” as a surf band, the effect of the Ventures on the tsunami wave of instrumental bands that reverbed their way through the sixties is undeniable – as is the influence they still hold on bands taking up the instro torch today.

A perfect testament to Bogle’s musical vision was the reaction of a landlocked crowd in Columbus, Ohio at our Peach District show two weeks ago;  Coming back into the second verse of our straight-ahead version of Walk Don’t Run, I remember looking up from the fretboard to see random pockets of people dancing throughout the crowd, smiling it up and having a great time.

Nearly fifty years on and his musical influence is still making heads nod.

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