In addition to its many musical advances, Australosurfecus made great inroads into verbal and written communication, as well.  It seems even these developments were made in conjunction with their musical nature, however, as the impetus for inventing and mastering the use of words was to turn around and spin crazy puns and portmanteaus into song titles.

Because really… what’s the use of writing a kickass song if you don’t have a kickass title to go with it?!

Recent Finds:

Bahari Kali – The full force of crashing waves come to bear in this raucous trip into the savage seas!

Sleepover at Camp Tsavo – We invite everyone to join us for a nice, quiet overnight stay in Tsavo, Africa. Don’t worry, the wildlife is not dangerous…. well, at least it shouldn’t be anymore!

The Ecola Virus – Like any virus worth it’s DNA, the Ecola Virus is both extremely powerful and highly infectious!

Panbanisha Raises the Alarm – On October 20, 2006, a bonobo named Panbanisha grew tired of captivity and foiled her human caretakers with a ruse of their own design.  Fellow simians, heed her call to freedom!

Phylum: Power Chordata – A tune full of nomenclature, power chords, and a little old fashioned surf!

Butch Cassowary & the Sundance Echidna – Inspired by great westerns of old, this spaghetti tune brings the wild west and the Australian bush together in a beautiful synergy of surf and bandoleros.

Surf’s Up at the Cape of Good Hope – Indeed it is, Nelson!

Can’t See the Loris for the Trees – Forests are known for their tranquil, Strepsirrhine beauty. Unfortunately modern humans sometimes focus so much on minutiae that they miss the large grandiose habitat they have inherited, as well as the environs’ slow & slender inhabitants.

Apes of Wrath – Wherever there is a jungle rhythm being beaten… Drumbuie will be there.

To Zaire is Human – So they said the Okapi didn’t exist… until they fully explored Zaire. Hey, everybody makes mistakes. Anthropologists also disputed the existence of  musically advanced homonids… but as the saying goes, To Zaire is Human.

Tough Crowd in Hartlepool – Based on the persistent legend of Franco-simian sacrifice at the port of Hartlepool during the Napoleonic wars, this song goes to show that when it comes to building an empire, nobody hangs innocent monkeys quite like the British!

The Final Piltdown – The biggest hoax in Anthropology, The Piltdown Man, has landed in a song…. Wait, I mean the second biggest, behind the claim that Australosurfecus did not exist.
(This song is dedicated to Krista Winger, a Sapien who befriended the Low Frequency Echo Communicator. She was tragically taken from us by a psychopath. She was the anthropologist who told us about Piltdown…We will never understand modern humans and their guns)

Artifacts of Tribes Contemporary to A. Surfecus

Invasion of the Dragonmen (Origin: Man or Astroman?)
You Can’t Get Good Riblets in Space (Origin: Man or Astroman?)
Planet Collision (Origin: Man or Astroman?)
Sadie Hawkins Atom Bomb (Origin: Man or Astroman?)

Pipeline (Origin: The Ventures)
Walk Don’t Run (Origin: The Ventures)
Joker’s Wild (Origin: The Ventures)

Rumble (Origin: Link Wray and the Wraymen)

Wipeout (Origin: The Surfaris)

Big Swell (Origin: The Atlantics)